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The Petrov Group Advantage

The Petrov Group, LLC, is a four-partner strategy consulting and market research firm. Our focus is on the profitability and growth opportunities of technology companies.

We provide insights and information that are otherwise not available; our contribution to clients is immediate and lasting.

Our key and unique competitive differentiation, an inherent part of our report offering, is post-sale free-of-charge service.

Our reports serve as a foundation for the client-specific inquiries

As a result, our clients gain a customized report for the cost of a generic report

Our report service provides:

Unlimited post-sale free-of-charge inquiry service for additional information regarding a purchased report’s content

All inquiries are strictly client confidential

A typical inquiry response is three to five working days

Our approach combines top-down and detailed bottom-up analyses – product by product line, vendor by vendor, segment by segment. The results of such demanding studies are invariably two-fold:

We develop proprietary business models mandatory for assessing strategy options

We cross-verify and develop market segmentation. Invariably our updated segmentation is significantly different from the traditional view; it is also mandatory for understanding trends and opportunities

We have conducted our work with the highest standards of independence and integrity since our founding in 1981; we have a strong and continuous track record of meeting and exceeding client expectations.

Because we routinely deal with important issues of corporate strategy and competitive interaction, internal security and integrity are our highest priority.

Our work is based primarily on our own primary research; our work and findings are our own. Our work starts where the typical mainstream contribution of market research firms ends.


What’s New

NEW — April 2019

Boris Petrov has reactivated his role with the Petrov Group in March 2019 -- with focus on IC solutions for 5G, AI and IoT/IIoT markets. He is currently completing a study of 5G market landscape.

The Petrov Group published an article on 5G smartphone segmentation and its implications for regional differences, potential for supply chain disruption and positioning of smartphone and infrastructure vendors. The article includes an extensive clarification in Comments section on the potential for RF-FE supply chain disruption.

5G Device Segments Drive Strategies
   (EETimes - April 30, 2019) 

NEW — April 2013

The Petrov Group published an article on successful strategies of small IC vendors in the Analog/Mixed-signal IC market:

How small vendors compete in
   analog IC market  (EETimes – April 29, 2013)

Case study of two AFE ICs confirms
   significant potential for small IC vendors
   (DigiTimes – April 9, 2013)

NEW — February 2013

The Petrov Group published an update-article on GaN-on-Silicon for power conversion applications:

Vendor Positions in the High Voltage
   GaN-on-Silicon Commercialization Race

Bodo’s Power – reprint (Feb 2013)

NEW — December 2012

Petrov Group’s “Sensor Fusion and MEMS for 10 DoF in Mobile” voted #3 EETimes “How to” article in 2012:

Top 10 ‘how-to’ articles of 2012 in EE Times

NEW — December 2012

The Petrov Group published an article on the commercialization race in GaN-on-Silicon for power conversion applications by Steve Levin, managing director - Power, titled:

GaN-on-Silicon for Power Conversion – Who
   are the Likely Winners in the Commercialization
   Race (DigiTimes, Dec. 10, 2012)

NEW — September 2012

The Petrov Group introduces an in-depth report on Texas Instruments Power Business (2012 Edition) - (333 pages, 211 figures). Texas Instruments (TI), the largest analog IC vendor, is an undisputed market leader and trend-setter in power management.

Texas Instruments Power Business
   Making Products, Selling Solutions

Unlike most of its competitors, TI makes products but sells system solutions. The difference from its competitors is that TI does this on a grand scale and has created a one-of-a-kind business machine. For years Petrov Group has measured the effectiveness of TI’s solution strategy by using the S-factor concept. The solution factor is defined as the ratio of revenue or profit contributed by the supporting analog versus strategic system components of a solution.

For your convenience we have posted on our Report Web site:

  Table of Contents

  An extensive Press Release with detailed analog market and TI market share information in key power IC segments, and

  A 20-page Sample of Report Figures.

TI’s power business strategy is supported by its patent strategy and market dominance (a stream of eight new catalog products per day).

TI has a 29% revenue share among the Top-10 analog IC companies of that 26% in catalog products and 42% in custom products

In catalog products TI has a 35% revenue share in function-oriented catalog products while only 10% in applications-oriented catalog products a category dominated by European vendors and Skyworks

In functions-oriented catalog products, TI has a 40% revenue share in power chain and 36% in signal chain products among the Top-10 vendors these vendors are significantly different from the Top-10 analog IC companies

In CY 2011 TI semiconductor revenues, including only 4Q12 National acquisition revenues, were $11B (total TI revenues were $13.7B). TI’s portfolio of catalog products contains about 60,000 products, of which more than 42,000 are analog products – of which more than 20,000 are power products. In order to enable a meaningful and useful analysis of power product portfolios Petrov Group developed a model which categorizes them into twelve distinct power domains – TI participates in all twelve power domains.

Petrov Group’s new report provides a complete analysis of TI’s power business together with key and proven market metrics – offering the most complete view of the Texas Instruments power business available. Of equal importance is that our reports are supported by a unique service free-of-charge unlimited and client-confidential after-sale Inquiry Support service.

NEW — September 2012

The Petrov Group published an article on Sensor fusion and MEMS technology for 10-DoF solutions in Mobile Devices by our Managing Director – Mobile, Dr. Lj. Ristic

September 3, 2012 – Sensor Fusion and
   MEMS in Mobile (EETimes)

NEW — October 2011

The Petrov Group published two articles on standalone RF transceivers for Smartphone and Tablet applications

October 21, 2011 -- S/A Transceiver Types

October 28, 2011 -- 1.5+ Billion S/A XCVRs
   by 2015 (DigiTimes)

NEW — August 2011

The Petrov Group published Current State of Tablet Products article by Dr. Lj. Ristic, Managing Director, Mobile Markets, Petrov Group.

August 12, 2011 (SemiWiki)

NEW — March May 2011

The Petrov Group published three articles on processors for Smartphone and Tablet applications – on stand-alone (S/A AP), on integrated (AP + BB) mobile processors, and on all types of baseband (BB) processors.

May 3, 2011 Baseband Processors
   Processors (DigiTimes)

March 8, 2011 Stand-alone Application
   Processors (DigiTimes)

March 16, 2011 Integrated Mobile
   Processors (DigiTimes)

NEW — November 2010

The Petrov Group published Adoption by Intel makes digital controllers mainstream technology article.

October 29, 2010 (DigiTimes)

NEW — October 2010

The Petrov Group introduces a landmark analysis of the complex and fast-changing $3B+ battery management IC market titled:

Battery Management ICs –
   From Headsets to Electric Vehicles

The requirement for power-efficient and high performance solutions, especially in Li-Ion/Poly battery-powered devices, continues to open profitable growth opportunities for existing IC vendors (profit-driven Linear Technology is a major participant) as well as for numerous start-up entrants. The report provides the product classification and market segmentation used in our bottom-up analysis of products and vendors. The report is based on analysis of more than 600 core products of twenty vendors serving eleven end-equipment applications.

Battery management ICs are application-specific and analog-intensive mixed-signal ICs used in numerous end-systems and their battery packs. Although this large market has several high growth and profitable segments, it is also fragmented — there are more than 3,000 standard IC products with multiple supply chains.

NEW — August 2010  (Historical Note)

In 1982 the Journal of Business Strategy reprinted our seminal article “The Advent of the Technology Portfolio.” For the record, we first published this powerful concept nine years before Prahalad, C.K. and Hamel, G. (1990) articles and books on the core competence portfolio of the corporation.

1982 article “The Advent of the
   Technology Portfolio”

NEW July 2010

The Petrov Group has introduced in-depth reports on the power management strategies of two preeminent Power IC vendors — Linear Technology and National Semiconductor. Unlike other leading Analog IC vendors, both companies remain focused on internal manufacturing only, using a large number of proprietary processes in legacy technology nodes.

NEW June 2010

Articles regarding GF, IBM, ARM, Samsung, TSMC, Abu Dhabi dynamics:

The National     ● XbitLabs    ● The National
   June 20                 June 21           June 13

NEW — April May 2010

The Petrov Group completed three in-depth reports reports on power management strategies of leading Power IC vendors Texas Instruments, Maxim and Intersil. Significantly, all three are in the forefront of the industry transition to 180nm power technology platforms.

NEW — May 2010

Article: Symbiosis Between Globalfoundries and IBM Needed for Long-term Success, says Petrov Group.

Part One      Part Two

Article: Globalfoundries impact and evolution could be significant, says Petrov Group.

Part One      Part Two

NEW — February 2010

The Petrov Group introduces a new landmark report in its Power Management IC Series that focuses on the high growth opportunities for IC vendors and wafer foundries in Digital Power ICs titled:

Digital Power ICs – High Growth
   Opportunities for IC and Foundry Vendors

The report is based on our primary research of 22 vendors. It removes the hype and misunderstandings regarding this complex and highly attractive Power IC market. Although not new, the market has now entered a high-growth stage driven by new applications and the emergence of power buses and focused fabless vendors – the 2009-2014 growth of its various market segments ranges from 30% to 50% per year.

This landmark report is a companion report to our Analog Power Conversion ICs report which focuses on analog power ICs. The two reports are offered as a bundled package – at a 25% discount for a single-user license and at a 40% discount for an enterprise license.

Analog Power Conversion ICs –
   Enabling Power Management Applications 

The findings in all our reports are based on bottom-up analyses of vendor product offerings; only such an effort can result in a pragmatic and independent validation of market size, growth, and especially of market segmentation. A unique and differentiated feature of our published reports is that they are supported by an unlimited free-of-charge and client-confidential after-sale Inquiry Service.

The Petrov Group, LLC, is a strategy advisory firm focused on the growth and profitability of technology companies. Our clients include most IC and system companies worldwide.

NEW — October 2009

The Petrov Group introduces a new landmark report in its Power Management IC Series titled:

LED Driver ICs for Displays and Lighting
   From Cell-Phones to Street Lights

The report focuses on LED driver ICs and wafer demand in 18 key lighting and display applications; it is a case of two major reports in one.

The report provides competitive analyses and competitive overviews based on a detailed bottom-up analysis of 25 IC vendors their LED IC product portfolio, business performance, and technology and manufacturing trends.

The report also addresses the market dynamics and trends: market segmentation, segment penetration, and growth and size during the 2008 to 2013 period and beyond. The explosive growth for LED driver ICs is truly unparalleled thirteen device types among the 18 analyzed will have an annual growth exceeding 45% through the year 2013. Moreover, at that time several mega-markets will still be only in their initial high growth stages.

NEW — September 2009

The Petrov Group introduces a new landmark report in its Power Management IC Series titled:

Power ICs in Portable Devices
   Markets, Vendors, Technologies and
   Integration Trends

The report focuses on IC integration trends for each of eleven power applications in twelve key device types. There are six power IC integration domains in handheld and portable devices; each requires a specific product, technology, and market approach.

The market for power ICs will continue to be of major strategic importance to most end-system and IC vendors. Insights into the integration domains of power ICs explain, for example, why a 60-transistor power IC often exceeds the price and profitability of a PMU with hundreds of thousand transistors. There is a strong correlation between vendor gross margins and the type of power management ICs they target.

Power management ICs in portable devices alone represent nearly 40 percent of total analog IC revenues reported by WSTS. The market includes a large number of typically “uncounted” ICs—in 2008 the number of power ICs ranged from about twenty in Notebooks to about seven in Bluetooth headsets.

NEW — August 2009

The Petrov Group introduces a new
 report titled:

ICs for ESD and EMI Protection
   Markets and Integration Trends

This “hidden” market was already nine times larger than reported by WSTS statistics in 2008. Moreover, there are profound changes in the semiconductor ESD and EMI protection market, specifically its accelerating transformation and migration – from Discretes into ICs

The IC-based integration trend of ESD and EMI protection solutions will significantly increase the total market within a relatively short period – driven primarily by high-speed interfaces and mobile applications. The emerging IC-based ESD and EMI protection market creates numerous high margin and high ASP business opportunities. Report analyses of two pure play vendors illustrate the financial and risk implications in opposite approaches to the ESD protection business.

NEW — July 2009

The Petrov Group introduces two new
 reports titled:

The Rise of BCD Technology in Power
   ICs – Where and Why

BCD-based Integration Platform for Analog   
   ICs– A Significant Value-Added Opportunity
   for IC Vendors

The accelerating growth of Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) confirms that it meets the requirements of an ideal analog integration technology. Its system-level benefits are as substantial as the benefits of the historic digital CMOS integration in terms of system cost-effectiveness, reliability, high performance, and programmability.     

The BCD platform has been implemented in all end-application types, and across the entire analog domain and levels of integration – from single-function ICs to highly integrated SoC solutions. Vast majority of new LED driver designs are now BCD-based.


©2010 Petrov Group All Rights Reserved

©2010 Petrov Group All Rights Reserved