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About Petrov Group

What We Do

The Petrov Group, LLC is a strategy consulting and market research firm that is focused on the high-tech industry. Our purpose is to help companies develop and implement successful business strategies for the electronics and semiconductor industries. Our focus is on analysis of markets, competitive positioning, products, technologies, and strategic relationships.

Our expertise is to provide pragmatic due diligence on companies and technologies, and objective evaluation of issues and opportunities and their strategic and financial implications. We provide insights and information that are otherwise not available; our contribution to our clients is immediate and lasting. We are also different in methodologies that we use and the range and quality of after-sale deep engagement services we provide.

How We Do It

Our work is based primarily on our own direct and primary research; our work starts where the typical contribution of mainstream market research firms ends. Our work and findings are our own and entirely independent. The Petrov Group is engaged by and works directly with senior executives. We focus on the company’s future plans and opportunities rather than on its current operating techniques.

All client input is strictly client-confidential. We have conducted our work with the highest standards of independence and integrity since our founding in 1981. Because we routinely deal with important issues of corporate strategy and competitive interaction, internal security and integrity are our highest priority. 

What We Deliver

The Petrov Group has been in business for more than 15 years and operates globally with major systems, semiconductor, and IT clients in the US, Asia, and Europe. Our consulting efforts and research are similarly global and focus on resolving strategic issues and recommending actions that lead to business success.

We are dedicated to providing the right and pertinent information to help management formulate and implement successful decisions. Our teams synthesize the results of the analysis and the acquired information and deliver the results and recommendations according to client needs in a range of options, including on-site executive briefings, and study reports.

Our Core Team

Boris Petrov founded the Petrov Group in 1981. His focus is business strategy—Big Picture, trends, industry disruptive technologies, and client-specific implications. His prior affiliations include the strategy practices of the Boston Consulting Group and Booz Allen Hamilton strategy and management consulting firms, and executive positions with leading consumer electronics and communications vendors. He has an MSc in electronics, Stanford MBA and unconfirmed PhD in solid-state physics.  

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The core team of the Petrov Group consists of four partners with years of industry, research, and consulting experience. They are supported by a team of specialists to whom the identity of our clients is not disclosed. We are considered to be among the foremost experts in global consumer, semiconductor, and communications business landscapes with a broad understanding of customer needs across key industry segments.


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