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Our Services

The Petrov Group provides a range of client services - the core service
is our "post-report-sale" support


Our free-of-charge post-sale service is our key and unique competitive differentiator


We provide our clients with cost-effective report support and inquiry service
it is an integral part of our reports

Our reports serve as a foundation for client-specific inquiries. As a result,
our clients obtain a customized report for the cost of a generic report.

Our clients find most of a report’s value in specific parts of our reports; in areas of their special interest (Pareto’s 80/20 rule). In that sense our published reports are never “finished.” Our unique solution is:


Together with both our reports and unlimited post-sale inquiry service we deliver more than 100% value and always exceed client expectations.

Petrov Group post-report-sale service provides:


Unlimited post-sale inquiry support for specific additional information
related to the purchased report


All inquiries are client confidential


A typical inquiry response is three to five working days





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